Hi. My name is Kevin Gant.  This is my personal blog. I write about whatever interests me. Recurring topics include food, travel, technology, the outdoors and sometimes social and political issues. I enjoy photography with my iPhone and Olympus camera so some of these posts are illustrated with photos I’ve taken.

Contact Me

I really do enjoy getting email: klgant at gmail dot com with the subject of Email for Kevin. This is to bypass some spam filters.

Not Me

I am not a musician from Austin, though I used to play the saxophone and played around with a guitar once or twice. This guy’s much better and there’s a documentary being made about him so donate a couple bucks to the project!

I am also not the basketball player, though I do play basketball but you’d either laugh or cry if you saw me play basketball.

Why I Blog

I started by reading blogs, and the ones I was reading at the time had this eerie tendency to mention things I had just recently discovered and found interesting. I was inspired by the idea that I could contribute ideas off the top of my head to a place where other people could stumble upon them.

For some more recent thoughts on blogging, check out Write the blog you want to read.

Proudest Posts

Every once in a while I write a post that I’m really proud of. Sometimes it captures the popular attention, sometimes not. Here’s a few from my archives that stand out.

About kevingant.com

One day, I thought of creating a website for myself and saw others with cool quirky names for their websites. I’m tried several and they were taken so I ended up on this one… very original huh?

Some other details:

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