Kevin’s Sites

I am building a variety of online websites, communities and businesses. Below you can learn about each of them…

  • Readiness Docs – Established in 2011, Readiness Docs was designed to assist the individual and family in preparing documentation packets to assist with whatever may be thrown at them in life. Whether it’s a broken A/C or clogged rain while out of town, or a natural disaster that wipes out your house. We hope to have an impact on the people that visits our site by making the process easier and gets them thinking about being prepared for life’s twists and turns.
  • Kevin Gant – My personal website where I discuss all sorts of things.
  • Oklahoma Young Farmers – Established in 2011, this website was created to assist young farmer’s across the state of Oklahoma discuss legislation and other pertinent topics. We are the Oklahoma chapter of National Young Farmers Coalition. We also talk about farming stuff and how to improve our farms and relationships with the consumer.
  • Edgewater-Lakepointe Neighborhood Association – ELNA is a website I manage for my neighborhood association. There, I post announcements, meetings, and other items pertaining to our area including Lake Hefner. I also manage the email list to notify neighbors of certain issues. We have 750 households in our neighborhood and membership is purely voluntary. Also, we are not like a homeowners association (HOA) which have covenants and require monthly/yearly dues. We tend to have an 80% participation which tends to increase when a developer gets an itch to build something around Lake Hefner.